Polarity & LEX - Hennessy & 76th CD

Image of Polarity & LEX - Hennessy & 76th CD


Album fully produced by DJ/producer Polarity aka Debonair P of Melbourne, Australia. Lyrics written and recorded by Queens MC, LEX of the New York Rhyme Exchange. For more affordable International shipping options, please purchase the CD directly from our distributor at the following link: http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00Z7CL8O&pp=1

Digital download available at: http://lexofsinistahcircle.bandcamp.com/

1. Reality Check
2. If You Were Mine
3. Success
4. The Funk
5. Memories
6. Ode to PR
7. Reverse Polarity
8. Far Away
9. Keep it Goin'
10. Against the Wall
11. The Combination of
12. Hennessy & 76th
13. Tears Over Shredded Angelwings

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